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Best Neighborhoods to Stay in Nice | Tips and hotels

We will help you find the best place to stay in Nice. Several criteria must be taken into account. Your desires and expectations, your budget, and the season of your stay. Are you visiting Nice as a couple, with the family, alone, or with friends? Are you looking for accommodation in Nice for a 2 or 3-day weekend or a week?

We will share our tips and hidden gems with you and help you choose the best areas of Nice that suit you best. Let’s go!

Our favorites in Nice, France

Which neighborhood to choose for visiting Nice?

Place Masséna is the heart of the historic center of Nice. The most central neighborhoods of Nice are located around this square, and more precisely: Old Nice, the Golden Square, and the Jean Médecin area. These three areas are the most touristic neighborhoods of Nice.

Old Nice¬†is about narrow streets and the charm of the Old Town. The¬†Golden Square¬†is the trendy neighborhood of Nice. The¬†Jean M√©decin¬†area is Nice’s bustling and commercial quarter.

The best neighborhoods to stay in Nice near the Promenade des Anglais are the Golden Square, Gambetta, and Les Baumettes. These three areas are very well located for enjoying the beach. We can also add Old Nice to this list, which is also by the sea.

If you want to escape the tourist hustle and bustle while enjoying Nice, the best neighborhoods are the Port of Nice, Garibaldi, Riquier, and Thiers.

If you want to choose Nice as a base for visiting the French Riviera, and if you come here by train, Thiers and Jean Médecin are the most convenient neighborhoods. They are close to the Nice train station, which will significantly facilitate your travel.

Each area has its advantages and disadvantages. We will help you sort through all these areas, and choose the best place to stay in Nice for you!

Good to know. Accommodation rates soar in Nice during the summer. If you visit Nice or the French Riviera, book accommodations in advance during this time of year.

How to choose the best neighborhood to stay in Nice?

The best neighborhoods for a stay in Nice are therefore:

  • Old Nice: narrow streets, the historic center of Nice;
  • Golden Square: the most sought-after neighborhood in Nice;
  • Jean M√©decin: the lively and commercial area of Nice;
  • Thiers: a residential neighborhood close to the train station;
  • Port of Nice: a picturesque environment;
  • Garibaldi – Riquier: vibrant and authentic districts;
  • Gambetta: a chic residential area of Nice by the sea;
  • Les Baumettes: between a small hill and the Promenade des Anglais.

To help you choose the best place, here is a description of the best neighborhoods to stay in Nice. We have included several essential choice criteria such as geolocation, the authentic side of the area, the presence of places to visit, rates, tranquility, or nightlife.

Old Nice: staying in the Old Town of Nice

The Old Town of Nice, often called “Old Nice,” is the essence of Mediterranean and Ni√ßoise culture. Its narrow streets and colorful buildings with Baroque and Italian styles reflect centuries of history.

The Old Nice is one of the oldest districts of Nice. You’re sure to fall under its spell! Here are the most exciting places to explore in this emblematic district of Nice.

Why choose Old Nice for your stay in Nice?

First is the magnificent baroque cathedral: the Cathedral of Saint Reparata of Nice. This architectural gem is located in the heart of Old Nice and can serve as a reference point for your accommodation search. 

Old Nice is by the sea and offers a superb view of the Ni√ßois coastline. Therefore, a walk on the¬†Quai des √Čtats-Unis¬†is essential to enjoy this exceptional location fully. Moreover, the Quai des √Čtats-Unis will take you directly to the Promenade des Anglais: it’s magical!

Looking for a place to stay for swimming in Nice? The beaches of Old Nice are perfect! You have the Ponchettes Beach, Castel Beach, Opera Beach, and the Beau Rivage Beach.

Also, Old Nice is located at the foot of the Castle Hill. You can admire an incredible view of the Promenade des Anglais and the Bay of Angels from this hill.

Do not miss the emblematic street of Old Nice Cours Saleya and its flower market. Here, you will feel the typical and chic atmosphere of the French Riviera!

Old Nice is well connected to other city neighborhoods, the train station, and the airport. If you arrive in Nice by train, reaching Old Nice by tram L1 or bus 57 is quite simple. It is the same from Nice airport: you can choose between tram L2, bus 12, or even a taxi (20 minutes by car).

However, be aware that public transport does not run inside the district, as the streets are very narrow. Most public transport stops at Boulevard Jean Jaurès or Avenue Félix Faure, and you must then walk. If you have large suitcases, it is not ideal.

The pros and cons of Old Nice

  • Charming neighborhood
  • Central location to visit Nice
  • Many pedestrian streets
  • By the sea
  • Beaches
  • Beautiful views from Castle Hill
  • Well connected to other areas of Nice, to the train station, and to the airport
  • Very difficult to park
  • Touristic

Where to stay in Old Nice

For a family weekend in Nice, the Palais Saleya Boutique Hotel is a perfect place not to be missed.

The rooms overlooking the Mediterranean at the La Pérouse Nice Baie des Anges Hotel are ideal for an unforgettable romantic getaway. For a lower budget, Les Suites Massena is also very well located for visiting Nice on foot.

If you go to Nice by car, you can stay in an apartment with parking. It is one of the best options to discover Nice serenely without spending hours looking for parking. For example, here is an apartment in Old Nice with parking. 

Golden Square (Promenade des Anglais): stay in the most sought-after district of Nice

The Golden Square is located on the seafront, on the famous Promenade des Anglais, and corresponds to the most central part of Nice.

Why choose the Golden Square?

The Place Masséna is the essential square in Nice. It lies between the Old Nice, the Golden Square, and the Jean Médecin area (see below). It is a must-see in Nice, as is its famous Sun Fountain!

The Golden Square houses the most beautiful Belle √Čpoque and Art-Deco-style buildings in Nice. The district’s streets are full of life: it is a pleasure to stroll around!

The area is renowned for its upscale boutiques, art galleries, and designer stores. There, you will find numerous restaurants offering varied cuisines, ranging from Niçois specialties to Michelin-starred establishments.

The Golden Square is known for its nightlife, with several trendy bars and elegant clubs.

Unsurprisingly, the accommodation prices are among the highest in Nice in the Golden Square, with renowned historic luxury establishments such as Le Negresco.

Pros and cons of the Golden Square

  • The most sought-after area of Nice
  • Promenade des Anglais
  • Beaches
  • Lots of restaurants, bars, and cafes
  • Quick access from Nice airport
  • Very difficult to park
  • Very touristy

Where to stay in Nice in the Golden Square

For a romantic stay in Nice, you can stay in this charming hotel (with a beautiful garden in the heart of the city!):¬†Hotel Villa Victoria. Otherwise, there is also the¬†Palm H√ītel Nice, ideally located for exploring Nice on foot.¬†

If you are looking for an apartment for a family stay or with a group of friends, here is a large apartment with 2 bedrooms very well located: Le Neptune. If you go to Nice as a couple, you can stay in a smaller apartment: Grimaldi. Its asset is its terrace! 

With an excellent location and outstanding value for money, you have the apart-hotel:¬†AMMI Nice Massena. It’s perfect for any traveler: a trip to Nice solo, as a couple, or with family.¬†

Jean M√©decin: Nice’s shopping district

It’s undoubtedly one of the most lively districts in Nice! The Jean M√©decin district is inland, around Avenue Jean M√©decin, from the Old Nice to the Nice Train Station. The lower part of the neighborhood is in the Golden Square of Nice.

Why choose the Jean Médecin area?

Thanks to its central position, the Jean Médecin area is one of the best places to stay when visiting Nice. The area is very well served by public transport, which is convenient for sightseeing.

The proximity to the Nice train station is also a real asset if you stay in the northern part of the district. For travelers arriving in Nice by train, that’s great! The Jean M√©decin district is a superb place to base yourself for visiting not only Nice but also the French Riviera.

The area is full of mainstream shops and chic and elegant French boutiques.

Among the monuments to visit, do not miss the splendid¬†Basilique Notre-Dame de l’Assomption! This basilica, built in 1864, is the architectural jewel of the neighborhood.¬†

The¬†Avenue Jean M√©decin¬†is the central avenue of the district. It is a bustling avenue but also noisy. If you want a quiet night’s stay in Nice, try to avoid rooms or poorly insulated accommodations directly on this avenue.

The Jean Médecin area offers a range of accommodations, from luxury hotels to more economical options.

Pros and cons of the Jean Médecin district

  • Central, lively, and shopping district
  • Possibility to go to Nice Train Station and Promenade des Anglais on foot
  • Wide choice of accommodations
  • Very touristy
  • Noisy (mainly Avenue Jean M√©decin)
  • No beaches

Where to stay in Nice in the Jean Médecin district

The Maison Durante is an excellent place to stay in Nice. This 3-star hotel is a few minutes from Nice Train Station and Avenue Jean Médecin and features a small garden. 

Among the great places in the area is the¬†H√ītel Du Centre, which offers rooms, admittedly small but at very decent prices for a weekend in Nice.¬†

Otherwise, you can stay at Résidence Lamartine, which is in a higher price range. Here, you can book rooms with a kitchenette. 

jean medecin neighborhood nice french riviera france
Jean Médecin Neighborhood, Nice, France

Thiers: The Musicians’ District

The Thiers district of Nice is nicknamed the musicians’ district due to its many streets bearing the names of famous composers. It is a residential area close to the Nice train station and Avenue Jean M√©decin.

Why choose the Thiers district?

Thiers is a good choice if you are looking for a quiet yet central location.

The streets of the district are quieter than those of the Jean M√©decin district. Here, the atmosphere is more relaxed and laid-back. Don’t miss out on the Alsace Lorraine Garden, a true oasis of peace in the heart of Nice.

Admittedly, the Thiers district is not on the seafront, but if you like walking, in just 10 minutes on foot, you will be on the Promenade des Anglais!

It is a residential area. Thus, accommodations for rent are scarce. Here, you will feel like a local, away from the city’s tourist hustle and bustle.

To reach the Thiers district from the airport, you can take tram L2, which stops near the Alsace Lorraine Garden.

The Nice train station is pretty close. You can even get there on foot. The Thiers district is an excellent base for visiting Nice and the French Riviera without a car by train.

The pros and cons of the Thiers district

  • Quiet and residential area
  • Close to the Nice train station
  • No beaches
  • Less touristy
  • Few accommodations

Where to stay in the Thiers district of Nice

The Hotel Aria may be considered for a solo trip, a couple’s getaway, or a family vacation.

Otherwise, as there are very few hotels in the district, it is most interesting to rent an apartment. Here is an excellent place to consider for a couple’s stay:¬†A cozy studio with a balcony. And another for a family trip:¬†An apartment in the heart of Nice.

nice train station french riviera france
Nice Train Station

Port of Nice: Nice’s Picturesque District

The Port of Nice district, also known as “Port Lympia,” is one of the city’s most picturesque and dynamic districts.

Why choose the Port of Nice for accommodation?

The district exudes maritime life. It has a unique charm and stands out significantly from other areas of Nice.

The Port district is renowned for its elegant and colorful architecture, including buildings with pastel facades and wrought iron balconies.

You will find many restaurants and cafes offering Niçoise specialties and fresh seafood. An ideal place for an authentic culinary experience!

The Port of Nice district is indeed touristy, but much less so than the Promenade des Anglais and the Golden Square.

Tram L2 connects the port to the Nice airport, and bus 57 is ideal for reaching the Nice train station.

The pros and cons of the Port of Nice

  • Picturesque and quiet district
  • Close to Old Nice and the Castle Hill
  • No beaches
  • Less touristy
  • Quick access from the airport and the Nice train station

Where to stay near the Port of Nice

In the port district, you will mainly find apartments for rent, and no hotels.

Here are two of the best places that stand out. If you stay in Nice for 3, 4, or 5 days, La Baieta is an excellent apartment for a family stay. And for a romantic trip, here is a lovely studio close to the port: Villa Lympia. 

port of nice neighborhood where to stay french riviera
Port of Nice, France

Garibaldi – Riquier: Lively and Authentic Neighborhoods

Less touristy than other areas, Garibaldi and Riquier are perfect places for an immersion in the Nice lifestyle. If you are wondering where to stay in Nice in a central and more authentic district, Garibaldi and Riquier are very good options.

Why choose Garibaldi or Riquier for accommodation in Nice?

Place Garibaldi¬†is the district’s central point. This square is known for its statue of Giuseppe Garibaldi and its yellow-fa√ßaded buildings with arcades. A lovely spot to relax and watch urban life!

A few minutes walk from Place Garibaldi is the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art and the Tête Carrée, a fantastic sculpture that houses the Nice Municipal Library. An unusual place to discover in Nice!

From the Garibaldi and Riquier districts, you can walk to the Old Town of Nice or the Port of Nice.

Tram L1 will take you from the Nice train station to Place Garibaldi. And bus 12 will take you to Nice airport.

If you are looking for where to stay in Nice in a central and more authentic district, Garibaldi and Riquier are excellent options.

The pros and cons of the Garibaldi and Riquier districts

  • Away from the tourist hustle
  • Close to the Port of Nice and Old Nice
  • Well connected to other Nice districts
  • Lower accommodation prices

Where to stay in Nice in the Garibaldi and Riquier districts

Among our favorites in Nice is a place in this district:¬†L’Abeille – Boutique Apartments. It is a surefire choice for a successful stay in Nice!

If you’re looking for where to stay in Nice on a budget, the Esprit d’Azur Hotel offers very reasonable rates, given its location.

Gambetta: Residential Neighborhood on the Promenade des Anglais in Nice

The Gambetta district is one of the most popular areas of Nice. It borders the Golden Square (Carr√© d’Or) and the Thiers district of Nice.

Why choose the Gambetta district for your stay in Nice?

Part of the neighborhood is by the sea and runs along the famous Promenade des Anglais. However, the atmosphere here is much calmer than downtown Nice. Here, you can genuinely appreciate the Mediterranean way of life!

Restaurants, shops, and cafes are less numerous here than in Old Nice, the Golden Square, or Jean M√©decin. However, the area’s tranquility and proximity to the sea are very appealing.

The Pros and Cons of the Gambetta District

  • Safe and quiet residential area
  • Promenade des Anglais
  • Beaches
  • Less touristy

Where to stay in Nice in the Gambetta district

If you are looking for a hotel in Nice with a pool, consider the Hotel AMOUR NICE. This hotel is very well-located and offers a magical setting for an unforgettable trip!

Among other hotels in Gambetta is Hotel La Villa Nice Promenade. Its pastel decor is very welcoming. You will find rooms for one person, two, and family suites.

gambetta promenade des anglais hotels
Promenade des Anglais, Nice, French Riviera

Les Baumettes: A Small Hill Near the Promenade des Anglais

Close to Nice airport but further from the city center, Les Baumettes is an affluent residential district in Nice.

Why choose the district of Les Baumettes for your stay in Nice?

The Les Baumettes neighborhood is an excellent place to stay in Nice to get off the beaten track. Like in Gambetta, you will be in a calmer area but close to the Promenade des Anglais.

In this district, you will find the Nice Museum of Fine Arts. It is a lovely place to discover in Nice for lovers of art and history.

From this district, you can quickly reach the Nice airport. However, if you arrive by train, Les Baumettes may not be the most convenient place for you.

Several major roads pass through the district. If your room is poorly soundproofed, this can be a problem for staying.

The Pros and Cons of Les Baumettes

  • Safe and quiet residential area
  • Promenade des Anglais
  • Beaches
  • Close to Nice airport
  • Lower rates
  • Away from the tourist hustle

Where to stay in Nice in Les Baumettes

Just a two-minute walk from the Promenade des Anglais is the H√ītel Locarno. It’s a good place for an affordable stay in Nice with decent comfort.

Among the best hotels in this area is Yelo Promenade. The minimalist design of the rooms and location are the main assets of this hotel.

If you want an apartment in Nice, here is an ideal studio for a romantic weekend, just a stone’s throw from the beach:¬†Studio Promenade Florida Beach.

promenade des anglais at sunset
Promenade des Anglais at sunset

What are the best neighborhoods to stay in near the beach in Nice?

Old Nice, the Golden Square, Gambetta, and Les Baumettes are all by the sea. If you stay in these districts of Nice, you can get to the beach quickly and make the most of it!

In Nice, there are public beaches, but also 15 private beaches. These beaches are adjacent. For example, near Old Nice, you have the private Castel Plage beach, then the Opera Public Beach, and further afield, the private beach at the Beau Rivage Hotel. 

The great advantage of the beaches near Old Nice is the view of the Bay of Angels and the entire Nice coastline. It’s gorgeous!

But the beaches of the Promenade des Anglais are also superb. You also have public beaches (Magnan Public Beach) and private beaches (for example, the beach of the Le Negresco Hotel).

Hotels manage some private beaches. You can go there even if you’re not a hotel guest to eat lunch or rent a sun lounger. The beaches in Nice are pebble beaches. With a sun lounger, it’s more comfortable, for sure!

hotels beach nice france
Private beach, Old Nice, France

Where to stay in Nice to visit the French Riviera without a car

If you want to visit the French Riviera without a car, it’s possible! A train line (TER) connects major cities of the French Riviera, such as Cannes, Nice, and Antibes, and extends to Monaco and Menton.

The neighborhoods near the Nice train station are the most convenient for visiting the French Riviera without a car.

Among the best places are the Thiers and Jean Médecin districts. These two districts are central and make it easy to visit Nice and other cities on the French Riviera.

Hotels in Nice with a pool

Among the most reputed hotels in Nice with a pool (or even several!), there are:

For lower rates, you also have this lovely hotel, which is away from the tourist hustle and bustle:

  • HOTEL AMOUR NICE¬†(Gambetta): 5 minutes from the beach, with a rooftop pool, this hotel is a big favorite! The setting is magical, perfect for relaxing and enjoying your stay. It’s an excellent place for a romantic holiday in Nice.¬†

Where to stay in Nice for a romantic getaway

Which neighborhood should you choose for a romantic stay in Nice? You have Old Nice, Nice Port, the Golden Square (Carr√© d’Or), and Gambetta among the best neighborhoods.

If you are looking to appreciate the charm of the old town and want to be close to the beach, Old Nice would be perfect. The Golden Square is excellent if you want to enjoy the nightlife. And for a calm and relaxed romantic stay, the best choice would be Gambetta.

Discover our favorite places to stay in Nice for a romantic getaway.

  • H√ītel La P√©rouse Nice Baie des Anges¬†(Old Nice): a room with a view of the Baie des Anglais. What could be better for a weekend in Nice as a couple?¬†
  • Anantara Plaza Nice Hotel (Golden Square): an excellent place in the heart of Nice!
  • Hotel de France (Golden Square): located in the heart of Nice, a one-minute walk from the Promenade des Anglais, this hotel offers comfortable and welcoming double rooms. It’s a perfect place to set down your suitcases in Nice.
  • Hotel La Villa Nice Promenade (Gambetta): just a stone’s throw from the Promenade des Anglais.
  • Hotel du Pin Nice Port (Nice Port): in the Port district, 10 minutes from the beach, this hotel is a pleasant place for a weekend in Nice as a couple. Breakfast is included in the room rate.
hotels accommodation french riviera
View from Castle Hill in Nice

Where to stay in Nice with family: hotels, apartments, vacation homes

Which neighborhood should you choose for a family stay in Nice? You have the Golden Square, Gambetta or Les Baumettes, Garibaldi, and Thiers among the best districts.

Gambetta and Les Baumettes are two safe and quiet residential neighborhoods. They are located by the sea and are superb if you want to enjoy the beach with your family.

If you want to escape the tourist hustle and bustle, Garibaldi and Thiers are the two best neighborhoods to stay with family. If you are going to Nice by train, Thiers would be more convenient.

The Golden Square is the most expensive area, but also the most central. It is where you will find luxurious establishments and enjoy the heart of the historic center of Nice with your family.

Discover our favorite places to stay in Nice with your family.

Accommodations with parking in Nice

Finding parking in Nice can be an absolute nightmare! You can book an apartment or hotel with parking to avoid looking for a parking space for hours. Here are the best places that we have found.

Many hotels also offer private parking spaces.

sunset nice hotels
Sunset, Promenade des Anglais, Nice, France

Good places to stay in Nice for cheap

Here are some excellent places to stay in Nice for cheap, whether as a couple, with family, or on a trip with friends.

Hotel Ozz by Happyculture: a youth hostel very well located in Nice! You will be just a 15-minute walk from the beach and can easily visit the major must-see sights of Nice on foot. 

H√ītel Parisien: just a stone’s throw from the Nice train station, this hotel is an excellent place to stay in Nice on a budget without breaking the bank.¬†

Esatitude Hotel: this hotel is away from the city center of Nice but just a 2-minute walk from the tram that takes you to Old Nice in a few minutes. There is parking available on site.

Where to stay near Nice

If you travel by car, you can stay close to Nice, in a suburban area.

What are the advantages? You will undoubtedly find it easier to find a place to park your car. In addition, you can find accommodations that are either bigger or less expensive.

Here are some excellent places to stay near Nice:

  • H√ītel Eze Hermitage (√ąze, 12 km from Nice): located between Nice and Monaco, in a mythical village of the French Riviera, this hotel has incredible charm! The tranquility of the place is exceptional. A perfect place to recharge!
  • Villa Velvet (Villeneuve-Loubet, 16 km from Nice): a superb apart-hotel offering studios for 2 people and one-bedroom apartments for family stays.
  • Les Bastides Saint Paul (Saint-Paul-de-Vence, 20 km from Nice): the pool and the quiet are the big pluses of this hotel!
  • Hotel Indigo (Cagnes-sur-Mer, 14 km from Nice): spacious rooms, large pool, shuttle service to the beach! The perfect ingredients for a successful stay!

Staying in Nice, Cannes, or Antibes: where to base yourself to visit and explore the French Riviera?

What should you choose between Nice, Cannes, and Antibes? Where should you base yourself to visit the region? Where to stay in Nice, Cannes, or Antibes? We often ask ourselves these questions before preparing our trip to discover the French Riviera.

All three cities are connected by train (TER). So, you can easily visit the French Riviera without a car. The same train line even takes you to Monaco.

Compared to Antibes or Cannes, Nice is a much larger city. It is perfectly felt in the city’s ambiance. In Nice, there are also more things to do and a wider choice of accommodations.

Antibes and Cannes are quieter towns. If you are looking for a more relaxed atmosphere, Antibes or Cannes would be a better choice. However, Cannes and Antibes may lack dynamism for some so that the best option would be Nice.

If you are still unsure, find our advice for finding a good place to stay in these two articles:

For a successful stay in Nice and on the French Riviera

Nice is one of the most visited cities in France. Discover the TOP best things to do in Nice and good places to eat in our blog post: Visit Nice in 2 or 3 days.

If you are doing a road trip on the French Riviera, read this article, which will help prepare your trip: Visiting the hinterland of Nice.


Where to stay in Nice near the Promenade des Anglais?

The Golden Square (Carr√© d’Or) is the most sought-after district in Nice. It is where the most significant luxury hotels are located. However, it is not the only neighborhood along the Promenade des Anglais. The residential areas Les Baumettes and Gambetta are two other exciting districts for staying in Nice near the famous Promenade des Anglais.

In which district should you stay in Nice, on the seaside for swimming and enjoying the beach?

The best districts on the seaside in Nice are Old Nice (Vieux-Nice), the Golden Square (Carr√© d’Or), Gambetta, and Les Baumettes. Book your accommodation in these four districts of Nice to make the most of the beach.

Where to stay in Nice cheaply?

One can benefit from lower accommodation rates as soon as one moves away from the central districts of Nice. Among the cheapest areas is the Riquier district or Les Baumettes.

Where to stay in Nice or Cannes?

Nice is a larger city than Cannes. It is more dynamic, and there are more things to do. However, Cannes will be a better choice if you wish to relax and enjoy a quieter atmosphere.

? First trip: Hotel de France? Romantic stay: Anantara Plaza Nice Hotel
? Best luxury hotel: Le Negresco? Family friendly: L’Abeille – Boutique Apartments

Finding excellent accommodation in Nice during the tourist season is not easy. It is a city very popular with tourists in summer. Outside summer, accommodation prices drop, and you can benefit from more affordable prices. Old Nice is the best area to stay in Nice for sightseeing. However, it is also the most expensive district. If you are going to Nice on a tighter budget, do not hesitate to move away from the city center.

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