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Where to Stay in Cannes and La Bocca | Tips + Hotels

Where to stay in Cannes and La Bocca de Cannes? Finding affordable accommodation to stay in Cannes is difficult, especially during peak tourist season or the Cannes Film Festival. Cannes is one of the most visited cities on the French Riviera. La Bocca is a seaside district of Cannes. You can choose this area to avoid the city center of Cannes and enjoy La Bocca beach. Discover our selection of the best hotels and places to stay in Cannes for couples or families. Let’s go!

Our top picks in Cannes

Our favorite: HĂ´tel Belle Plage & Villa Spa

For couples: HĂ´tel La Villa Cannes

1 bedroom apartment: Villa Maupassant 06 Cannes

Private beach and outdoor pool: Five Seas Hotel Cannes

Affordable near the train station: Hotel l’Hotera

Apartments near Plage du Midi: LE MIDI 8 by ESTATES CANNES

On La Croisette: HĂ´tel Martinez

Which district to stay in to visit Cannes and the French Riviera?

La Croisette is the most famous boulevard in Cannes. It is lined with palm trees, luxury shops, private beaches, and the most prestigious hotels in the city, such as the Carlton or the Martinez.

Cannes’s city center is inland and runs along the La Croisette neighborhood. It is the most lively and dynamic district of Cannes. You will find many hotels and restaurants here for dining out and evening entertainment. It’s also an excellent place to stay in Cannes if you’re coming by train or want to visit the French Riviera by train.

If you want to discover the charm of the French Riviera, you can choose Le Suquet. This district is the heart of the historical center of Cannes. This area is a stone’s throw from the Old Port of Cannes and the Palais des Festivals, where the famous Cannes Film Festival happens.

La Croix des Gardes is a neighboring district of Le Suquet. It is located on the heights of Cannes and offers beautiful views of the city and the Mediterranean. It is a residential area. Nevertheless, this neighborhood near Plage du Midi has perfect places to stay in Cannes.

La Pointe Croisette is a quiet and upscale district located at the eastern end of Cannes. Here, you can enjoy a magnificent view of La Croisette and indulge in a calm and relaxed vibe, far from the tourist hustle and bustle.

To the north of La Pointe Croisette is another upscale neighborhood of Cannes: La Californie. It is a quiet, safe residential area in Cannes with beautiful villas and excellent hotels.

The La Bocca district is a good choice if you are looking for an affordable place to stay in Cannes. You can benefit from more affordable rates here, away from the heart of the Cannes city center.

cannes best neighborhoods
The Bay of Cannes

How to choose the best area to stay in Cannes? 

To help you choose the best place, here is a description of the best districts in Cannes for a weekend of 2 or 3 days or a week-long stay.

The best neighborhoods for staying to visit Cannes are as follows:

  • La Croisette: the legendary boulevard of Cannes;
  • the city center;
  • Le Suquet and the Old Port: the historical center of Cannes;
  • La Croix des Gardes: a residential area near the Old Port;
  • La Pointe Croisette: a quiet and sought-after district of Cannes;
  • La Californie: a prestigious residential neighborhood of Cannes;
  • La Bocca: an area away from the city center.

Each district has its pluses and minuses. To make the best choice, find a description below of each of these districts in Cannes.

La Croisette: Staying Near the Most Famous Boulevard in Cannes

The absolute must-see in Cannes is La Croisette! You will stroll along this iconic city promenade if you travel to Cannes.

Why Choose La Croisette to Stay in Cannes? 

First, it’s one of the best places to enjoy Cannes’ beautiful sandy beaches. So you will have direct access to the public or private beaches. Private beaches offer services such as sun loungers, parasols, and food.

Staying near La Croisette is ideal for those looking for luxury and glamour. Here are the most luxurious hotels in Cannes. Moreover, many hotels on La Croisette offer rooms with sea views.

La Croisette runs along Cannes’ coastline and offers breathtaking views over the Mediterranean and the LĂ©rins Islands. So you’ll be able to make the most of Cannes’ most prestigious area.

The Pros and Cons of La Croisette in Cannes

  • The most famous promenade in Cannes
  • Festival Palace 
  • Beaches
  • Legendary luxury hotels
  • Chic and relaxed seaside atmosphere 
  • Close to the Old Port of Cannes
  • Very touristic
  • Highest rates (especially during the Cannes Film Festival)

Where to stay near La Croisette in Cannes

If you want to stay in a hotel on La Croisette, you have your pick among the most beautiful and luxurious hotels in Cannes. Here they are!

Hotel Barrière Le Majestic: this 5-star hotel is a 1-minute walk from the Festival Palace. Most rooms offer a sea view.

Carlton Cannes: another historic hotel on La Croisette with an Art Nouveau façade.

Mondrian Cannes: located a 4-minute walk from the Festival Palace, this 5-star hotel offers excellent comfort for a successful stay in Cannes.

Hotel Martinez: recently renovated, it is the iconic hotel on La Croisette. It offers charming, spacious, and comfortable rooms, some with sea views. 

Here is also an apartment with a view of La Croisette: Violet, seaside. An excellent place to stay in Cannes to make the most of your stay. The location is perfect, and the view from the balcony is just splendid! 

Downtown Cannes: The Most Commercial Neighborhood in Cannes

Here, just a stone’s throw from La Croisette, you’ll enjoy an ideal location for visiting Cannes and the French Riviera!

Why Choose Downtown for Staying in Cannes? 

The streets of downtown Cannes are lively and full of people. Here, you’ll find numerous shops and great restaurants to eat at during the day or evening.

If you arrive by train, this area is the most convenient for staying in Cannes, thanks to its proximity to the train station. If you visit the French Riviera without a car, that’s very good.

The most prestigious part of downtown Cannes is called “La Banane.” It is between La Croisette, the Festival Palace, and Antibes Street.

The Pros and Cons of Downtown Cannes

  • Commercial neighborhood
  • Close to La Croisette, beaches, and the sea
  • Walking distance to Cannes Train Station
  • Lots of restaurants
  • Wide range of accommodations 
  • Touristic

Where to Stay in Downtown Cannes

Here is our selection of the best accommodations (hotels and apartments) in downtown Cannes.

Best Luxury Hotel: Five Seas Hotel Cannes. Only 100 meters from the Festival Palace, this hotel is ideally located to visit Cannes and enjoy La Croisette, downtown, and the beaches.

Very Good Value for Money: BW Premier Collection Mondial.

Cheap: HĂ´tel Hoche. This hotel offers more affordable rates to stay in downtown Cannes.

Apartment: Cannes center-Palais-200m from the beaches.

The Suquet of Cannes: Staying near the Old Port of Cannes

The Suquet is the historic district of Cannes. It is situated on a hill offering a magnificent view of the bay of Cannes.

Why choose Le Suquet for a stay in Cannes?

Le Suquet is charming with its cobblestone streets and ancient buildings. It’s a privileged place for those looking for a more authentic atmosphere.

The district is still away from the city center of Cannes. Plan at least a 15-minute walk to reach the Croisette. However, the route is quite pleasant, as it goes through the Old Port of Cannes.

The southern part of Le Suquet is by the sea, with the beautiful long public beach: Plage du Midi. A superb place for swimming and enjoying the Mediterranean!

The pros and cons of the Suquet district

  • Historic center of Cannes
  • Close to the Old Port
  • Plage du Midi

Where to stay in Cannes in the Suquet district

Our favorite: HĂ´tel Belle Plage & Villa Spa.

For families: Traverse Des Artistes. Here, you will find beautiful apartments with a terrace for a stay in Cannes with your family.

Apartment: 3 pièces Suquet Cannes.

Pointe Croisette: A quiet and upscale district of Cannes

Nicknamed the “Palm Beach” of Cannes, Pointe Croisette is one of the best districts to stay in Cannes.

Why choose the Pointe Croisette district for a stay in Cannes?

From Pointe Croisette, you can reach the Palais des Festivals by following the coastline of Cannes and walking directly on the Croisette.

It’s a superb location for those who love calm and tranquility. The atmosphere of Pointe Croisette is more relaxed compared to the city center of Cannes. Here, you will feel away from the tourist bustle.

In this district, you will also find some beaches. For example, Gazagnaire Beach or Bijou Beach.

The pros and cons of the Pointe Croisette district

  • Quiet and close to the sea
  • Beaches
  • Far from the Cannes Station and the Old Port
  • Less touristy
  • Few accommodations

Where to stay in Cannes in the Pointe Croisette district

For couples: HĂ´tel La Villa Cannes. A charming hotel for a weekend in Cannes as a couple.

Apartment: Apartment 70 m2 facing the sea, top floor, next to the beaches.

Californie PĂ©zou: The upscale residential district of Cannes

Located on the hills overlooking the bay of Cannes, the Californie PĂ©zou district is one of the most coveted parts of the city.

Why choose the Californie PĂ©zou district to stay in Cannes?

The Californie PĂ©zou district is not far from the city center of Cannes.

This district has magnificent villas, high-end residences, and luxury apartments with large terraces.

This district is ideal if you are looking for a big accommodation for a family stay.

Prefer accommodations close to the city center of Cannes.

The pros and cons of the Californie PĂ©zou district

  • Safe and quiet district
  • Close to the city center
  • Belvedere with a beautiful panorama
  • No beaches
  • Away the from tourist bustle

Where to stay in the Californie PĂ©zou district in Cannes

With spa: La Bastide de l’Oliveraie. It is ideal if you are looking for a peaceful place for a couple’s stay.

Outstanding for money: Villa Claudia Hotel Cannes Centre. The rooms are small, but if that is not an essential criterion for you, this is an excellent place for a weekend in Cannes.

Apartment for rent: Close to Croisette and the beach.

californie pezou district cannes
View from the Californie PĂ©zou district

Croix des Gardes: a sought-after residential area in Cannes 

Croix des Gardes is known for its villas and upscale residences. 

Why choose the Croix des Gardes area for staying in Cannes? 

It’s a good area for staying in Cannes if you visit the French Riviera by car. There are few hotels but many apartments for rent, some with parking spaces.

From the lookouts of La Croix des Gardes, you can enjoy beautiful views of Cannes Bay and the Mediterranean.

This area is by the sea, but access to the beach is not the most direct. The district is separated from the Midi Beach by the railway tracks. Only a few crossings allow you to cross the railroad and reach the beach.

The pros and cons of the Croix des Gardes district

  • Safe neighborhood
  • Close to Suquet 
  • Many lookouts 
  • Away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Cannes
  • Few hotels, but many rental apartments
  • Railway tracks along the beach

Where to stay in the Croix des Gardes district of Cannes

Here is our selection of the best hotels and apartments for rent for a trip to Cannes in this area.

Close to the beach: LE MIDI 8 by ESTATES CANNES. The apartments are spacious and very well located for enjoying the beach.

With sea and mountain views: La Croix des Gardes. This apartment offers an incredible sight as it is located on the heights of the district.

Best hotel: Hotel Château de la Tour. If you like the charm of the old, this hotel is an excellent choice. 

La Bocca: affordable stays in Cannes

La Bocca is among the best areas to stay at for visiting Cannes and enjoying the beach.

Why choose the La Bocca district for staying in Cannes? 

The Bocca Beach is one of the neighborhood’s highlights. It’s an ideal spot for swimming or sunbathing! Here too, like in the Croix des Gardes area, there are railway lines that run along the beach. 

La Bocca is ideal if you’re looking for accommodations in Cannes for a week or more. The accommodation rates are lower than in downtown Cannes.

There are few hotels in this district. Instead, you will find more apartments for rent. That’s why it’s a good area for a one-week or more extended stay.

La Bocca is set apart from the city center. If you are looking for a lively neighborhood, it’s not the one to choose. 

The pros and cons of the La Bocca district

  • Bocca Beach
  • Few hotels, but many rental apartments
  • Railroad tracks separating the neighborhood from the beach
  • Away from the downtown area of Cannes (accessible by bus)

Where to stay in La Bocca to visit Cannes

Here is our selection of the best apartments to rent in La Bocca.

For couples: Cannes City B&B. Outstanding value for money. There is one room with a balcony and another with a terrace. Parking is free. 

For families: Villa Maupassant 06 Cannes. This apartment has one bedroom and can accommodate up to 6 people.

Guest house: La Bastide du Soleil. Large swimming pool with sea view, free parking, apartments with terrace.

la bocca beach
La Bocca

Where to stay during the Cannes Film Festival

Accommodation rates skyrocket during the Cannes Film Festival period. It is often 3 times higher than average. It’s the most expensive time of year to stay in Cannes.

If you want to be at the heart of the action, choose accommodations near the Croisette. Of course, Le Majestic, Carlton, and Martinez are among the most beautiful hotels. 

These luxury establishments are located on the Croisette, only a few steps away from the Festival Palace. It’s the perfect place to stay in Cannes during the Festival to see celebrities!

If you would like to stay in a quieter neighborhood, further from the bustle of the Festival, you can choose Le Suquet or Pointe Croisette. These two neighborhoods are very well located for you to enjoy the Cannes atmosphere. 

The Cannes Film Festival takes place every year in May. If you’re not particularly interested in this event, we recommend choosing other dates for your trip.

Staying in Cannes, Nice, or Antibes: where to base for exploring and visiting the French Riviera?

How to choose between Nice, Cannes, and Antibes? Where to stay for visiting the region? Where to stay in Cannes, Nice, or Antibes? These are common questions before planning a trip to the French Riviera.

All three cities are connected by train (TER). So, you can easily visit the French Riviera without a car. The same train line even goes to Monaco.

Compared to Nice, Cannes is a smaller city. There are fewer things to do in Cannes and a broader choice of accommodations. However, compared to Nice, the atmosphere is more relaxed and calm in Cannes and Antibes.

If you’re looking for a more relaxed environment, Antibes or Cannes would be a better choice. For some, Cannes and Antibes may lack vitality. If you prefer a more vibrant city, the best option would be Nice.

If you’re still undecided, find our tips for finding good accommodation in these two articles:

where to stay in cannes for couples

Where to stay in Cannes for couples

Discover our selection of the best hotels and accommodations to stay in Cannes during a romantic getaway or holiday.

Hotel Château de la Tour: staying in a castle in Cannes? Yes, it’s possible! Accommodation that is both unusual and comfortable and close to the beach (4 minutes’ walk). You will love the setting and the view of the Mediterranean.

Villa Pruly Hotel Cannes Centre: a 5-minute walk from the beach and downtown, this hotel is ideal for couples to stay in Cannes. The room decor is beautiful! The garden and terrace are quiet and pleasant. Adorable moments and memories to come. A gem!

Amazing Studio Cannes Center: a charming apartment in Cannes! A little out of the Cannes city center, this studio offers a lovely setting for a couple’s stay. The terrace is a real plus for this studio.

L’Esterel: an excellent place to stay cheaply in Cannes close to La Croisette and the beach! The rates of this hotel are relatively affordable, considering the location and the service offered. On the roof, a pretty terrace awaits you with a view of Cannes and the Mediterranean.

Best accommodations with sea view in Cannes

Discover our selection of accommodations with sea views in Cannes.

Violet, seaside: this apartment is located 1 minute from La Croisette. It’s an excellent place to stay in Cannes to make the most of your visit. The location is perfect, and the view from the balcony is simply splendid!

Hotel Martinez: some rooms in this magnificent hotel overlook the Mediterranean Sea.

TOP things to do in Cannes. Discover our advice in this article: How to visit Cannes in 2 or 3 days.

where to stay in cannes for families
Old Port of Cannes

Best accommodations to stay in La Bocca

Here is our selection of accommodations in La Bocca, a more outlying district of Cannes.

Villa Prétorina: Located in the La Bocca district of Cannes, 5 minutes from the beach, this guesthouse offers rooms for 2, 3, or 4 people.

Cannes City B&B: a 2-minute walk from La Bocca beach, this B&B is an excellent place for couples to stay in Cannes. The rooms are comfortable. You can also choose a room with a private terrace.

Apartment with sea view and swimming pool: this one is in a residence with a swimming pool. The apartment comprises two bedrooms and can accommodate up to 4 people. It’s a perfect accommodation to stay in Cannes for family holidays.

Apartment Hotel Mandelieu: not far from La Bocca in Cannes, in Mandelieu-la-Napoule, this apartment hotel is an excellent place for a couple’s or family vacation. There are studios for two people with a sea view and larger apartments with two bedrooms to accommodate the whole family.


Where to stay during the Cannes Film Festival?

La Croisette is the best place to be at the heart of the action and see celebrities. Downtown Cannes can also be the right choice. Suquet and Pointe Croisette are the perfect spots if you want more tranquility. And if you wish to stay in Cannes on a budget, La Bocca is an ideal district.

Where do the stars and celebrities stay during the Cannes Festival?

Stars often stay in iconic establishments on La Croisette, such as Le Majestic, Carlton, or Martinez.

Finding accommodation to stay on a budget in Cannes during the high tourist season is challenging. However, if you start looking a few weeks (or months) in advance, you can have more choices and find great deals.

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