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Strasbourg Christmas Market Guide

Guide to the Strasbourg Christmas Market in 2023

The Strasbourg Christmas market is one of Europe’s most beautiful Christmas markets. It’s an authentic tradition that began in Strasbourg in 1570. It is a wonderful experience to immerse in its magical atmosphere on a weekend while exploring Strasbourg. Strasbourg really is the most Christmassy town in France.

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  • The Strasbourg Christmas Market: what to see? 🤩
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1. When to visit the Strasbourg Christmas Market?

Every year the Strasbourg Christmas market attracts more than 2 million visitors. You will find more than 300 chalets here and a friendly atmosphere for the end-of-the-year celebrations. Choose your travel dates carefully for visiting the Strasbourg Christmas market to avoid heavy crowds and make the most of the trip. Here are a few tips.

Dates. Each year the exact dates and times change. The Strasbourg Christmas market lasts the whole month of December.

First weekend. The first weekend of the Strasbourg Christmas market is always the busiest. If you want to avoid crowds, do not choose these dates to visit the Strasbourg Christmas market.

Quietest times. There are the fewest people during the week, from Monday to Thursday, or at the beginning of December. The morning is also more peaceful, but the illuminations are in the evening. Thus, inevitably, there are more people.

From December 24th, and the last week of December, the market decreases in size. There are fewer chalets but also far fewer people.

Strasbourg street during Christmas

2. Strasbourg Christmas market: what to see?

Visiting the Strasbourg Christmas Market is not just about visiting one market, but 11! And yes, you can discover up to 11 different Christmas markets. So where are they?

The biggest Christmas markets in Strasbourg are on the following squares:

  • Cathedral Square
  • Kleber
  • Gutenberg
  • Broglie
  • Castle Square

The smaller Christmas markets are in the following squares:

  • Fish Market Square
  • Of the New Temple
  • Saint Thomas
  • Millers
  • Benjamin Zix
  • Grimmeissen

If you go to Strasbourg, take advantage of the city’s must-sees: click here to see the best things to do in Strasbourg.

3. Hotels to stay in Strasbourg during the Christmas market

Accommodation prices increase during this time of year. Book our accommodation in advance to have a choice and take advantage of lower rates.

Hotel Rohan: a pretty hotel in the historic center of Strasbourg, just 150 meters from Notre Dame Cathedral. Perfect for a romantic weekend! The rooms are spacious (22m2) and nicely decorated. Breakfast is included in the price of the room.

You can find lower-price rooms at ibis Styles Center Petite France, which is very well located in Strasbourg (close to 100 euros for a double room with breakfast included). In particular, private parking is on-site, convenient if you come to Strasbourg by car.

Christmas in Strasbourg

4. Best places to eat in Strasbourg

Here are some excellent places to eat in Strasbourg. Click on the address to view the restaurant on Google Maps.

Restaurant La Vieille Tour (1 Rue Adolphe Seyboth): an excellent place to eat good homemade sauerkraut! Here, you will find market cuisine based on fresh and local produce.

L’Eveil des Sens (Rue des Dentelles): it’s a restaurant with a terrace close to the La Petite France district! A lovely setting and tasty cuisine between traditional and contemporary.

La Cuiller à Pot (18b Rue Finkwiller): a family restaurant offering refined dishes in the center of Strasbourg.

S’Kaechele (8 Rue de l’Argile): another good place to eat and taste Alsatian specialties such as bibeleskaes and sauerkraut in Strasbourg.

Visiting the Strasbourg Christmas market for a weekend is perfect! If you appreciate the magical atmosphere of Christmas, you will love the Strasbourg Christmas market. We wish you a pleasant trip to this lovely piece of France.

How crowded is Strasbourg Christmas market?

The Strasbourg Christmas market is very crowded during the first weekend. It gets less busy the following weekends. Mondays to Thursdays evening are the quietest time to enjoy the Strasbourg Christmas Market and lights.

Why is Strasbourg Christmas market famous?

The Strasbourg Christmas market is famous because it is the oldest in France: it goes back to the 16th century! It is also one of the most beautiful in Europe. The illuminations are gorgeous. Moreover, it is not a single Christmas Market but multiple. It’s all over in the city!

Is the Christmas market in Strasbourg worth it?

The Strasbourg Christmas Market is really worth it. It is the most Christmassy town in France. You will feel the unique Christmas atmosphere. Coming on a weekend is perfect for this amazing experience.

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