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best things to do in strasbourg alsace

Best things to do in Strasbourg | Tips for visiting Strasbourg

What to do in Strasbourg? How to visit Strasbourg in 1, 2, 3, or more days? Strasbourg is a must-see city if you visit the Alsace region with family, friends, or as a couple. Here we uncover the must-sees, the best things to do in Strasbourg, and the best restaurants and cafes to taste Alsatian cuisine.

  1. What to do in Strasbourg? ?
  2. Restaurants where to eat ?
  3. Best areas to visit ?
  4. What to do in Strasbourg when it rains? ?
  5. The Strasbourg Christmas market or Christkindelsmärik ?
  6. Visiting the surroundings of Strasbourg ?
what to do in strasbourg

1. TOP 7 must-sees and things to do in Strasbourg

Good to know to visit Strasbourg! What is the reference point for visiting Strasbourg? The Big Island (Grande ĂŽle)! Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Grande ĂŽle is part of the historic center of Strasbourg. It is also the most famous island in the city. It is an ideal place to start your visit to Strasbourg! You will find on the Big Island the most beautiful monuments of Strasbourg and the main must-sees of the city, such as Notre-Dame Cathedral or the magnificent medieval churches of Strasbourg.

Among the must-see places to visit and best things to do in Strasbourg:

  1. Visiting the Cathedral of Our Lady of Strasbourg
  2. Taking a walk in the “La Petite France” district
  3. Visiting the medieval churches of Strasbourg
  4. Taking a boat ride
  5. Tasting the local cuisine in an Alsatian winstub
  6. Seeing the most beautiful house in Alsace
  7. Discovering the 3 squares: Place Kleber, Place Gutenberg, Place Rohan
tips for visiting strasbourg and alsace

1.1 Visiting the Cathedral of Our Lady of Strasbourg

If there is only one place to visit in Strasbourg, it will be Notre-Dame Cathedral! It is the largest Gothic cathedral in the world! It is, therefore, an absolute must-visit in Strasbourg. Like every other catholic building in France, it is state-owned, and admission is free. It is also the most visited cathedral in France since the one in Paris was closed due to the fire of 2019.

Not to miss! You can climb on the cathedral platform to admire an exceptional view of Strasbourg. On the other hand, access to the platform is chargeable: 8 euros per person. To access the platform, you have to climb 332 steps. More information: Strasbourg Cathedral website.

1.2 Strolling through the most picturesque area of Strasbourg: La Petite France

Why is this neighborhood so unique? It is best known for its cobbled streets, canals, and half-timbered houses. One of the examples of the remarkable architecture of this district is the Maison des Tanneurs. You will love La Petite France, that’s for sure!

You can enjoy a lovely view of Petite France from the Barrage Vauban, which is also an interesting place to visit in Strasbourg. This dam was built in the 17th century and houses ancient sculptures nowadays.

Visit Strasbourg with a guide. To discover the city differently, you can take a guided tour by segway. Thanks to the explanations of a local guide, you will better know the city, its most beautiful monuments, but also the Alsatian culture. Here is an example of a visit: a guided tour in Strasbourg. It is also an excellent opportunity to test the segway and mark your weekend in Strasbourg with an unusual activity.

tips for visiting strasbourg

1.3 Visiting the medieval churches of Strasbourg

On the Grande ĂŽle in Strasbourg, you can visit four medieval churches. What a magnificent heritage!

  • The Saint-Thomas Church (known for the tomb of the Marshal of Saxe, which is inside)
  • Saint-Etienne Church
  • But also: Church of Saint-Pierre-le-Vieux
  • And: The Church of Saint-Pierre-le-Jeune
visit strasbourg in 2 3 days

1.4 Taking a boat trip to visit the historic center of Strasbourg

The boat trip is obviously among the things to do in Strasbourg. It is a great opportunity to discover the city differently, from the canals of the Ill river, which crosses the historic center of Strasbourg. It’s a nice and romantic activity during a romantic weekend in Strasbourg! ?

1.5 Tasting Alsatian cuisine in a winstub

What else to do in Strasbourg? Eat, of course! ? If you spend a weekend in Strasbourg, this is the perfect time to taste good quality local dishes. You may already know sauerkraut, but it is not the only dish to taste in Alsace. There is also the tarte flambée or the brioche with leavened dough: the kougelhopf. Find some good places to eat in Strasbourg below on this page.

Visit + tasting. During a weekend in Strasbourg, you can take a guided tour to discover the flavors of local cuisine and Alsatian wines: a 2-hour gourmet tour in a small group.

1.6 Seeing the most beautiful house in Alsace: Maison Kammerzell

Maison Kammerzell is the archetype of the Alsatian half-timbered house of the 16th century. Today, it is a hotel and a restaurant.

must sees strasbourg center city

1.7 Discovering the most beautiful squares in Strasbourg

During a weekend in Strasbourg, do not miss the most beautiful squares of this pretty city:

  • Place KlĂ©ber
  • Place Gutenberg
  • And Place Rohan

Visit Strasbourg on foot. You can discover Strasbourg, its alleys, and its monuments in the company of a local guide and on foot. It is an excellent opportunity to enjoy the city and learn more about its history and heritage. More information: Guided walking tour of Strasbourg.

Petite France area to see

2. Tasty restaurants to eat in Strasbourg

Here are excellent places to eat delicious meals in Strasbourg.

L’Eveil des Sens (Rue des Dentelles): it’s a restaurant with a terrace close to the La Petite France district! A lovely setting and good cuisine between traditional and contemporary.

Restaurant La Vieille Tour (1 Rue Adolphe Seyboth): an excellent place to eat homemade sauerkraut! You will find here a cuisine based on fresh and local products from the market.

La Cuiller Ă  Pot (18b Rue Finkwiller): it is a family restaurant that offers refined dishes in the center of Strasbourg.

S’Kaechele (8 Rue de l’Argile): another good place to eat and taste Alsatian specialties such as bibeleskaes and sauerkraut in Strasbourg.

3. Best neighborhoods to visit in Strasbourg

The best neighborhoods to visit in Strasbourg are the Grande ĂŽle, Petite France, Krutenau, and the European district. Find our advice for finding the best accommodation in Strasbourg in this blog post: Where to stay in Strasbourg.

Hotels where to stay to visit Strasbourg:

Hotel Rohan: a lovely hotel in the historic center of Strasbourg, just 150 meters from Notre-Dame Cathedral. Perfect for a romantic weekend! The rooms are spacious (22m2) and nicely decorated. Breakfast is included in the price of the room.

You can find lower-priced rooms at ibis Styles Center Petite France, which is very well located in Strasbourg (close to 100 euros for a double room with breakfast included). In particular, private parking is on-site, convenient if you visit Strasbourg by car.

Apartments where to stay to visit Strasbourg:

An apartment with kitchen for 4 people at less than 150 euros per night: 37m2, well located, convenient for visiting the city. The Appart’Hotel Citadines offers studios with a kitchen, this time for 2 people. It is also possible to have breakfast on-site.

Adagio Strasbourg Place Kleber offers 25m2 or 45m2 apartments with a kitchen. It is an excellent location to discover Strasbourg.

nice places to visit

4. What to do in Strasbourg when it rains?

Here are some ideas of things to do in Strasbourg when it rains.

One of the most interesting museums in Strasbourg is the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art. The museum’s collections trace art history from 1870 to the present day. You can visit this museum and discover Fauvism or works by the Impressionists. An excellent cultural activity to do in Strasbourg, and even more so when it rains.

Another interesting museum to visit in Strasbourg is the Alsatian Museum. Here, you will find typical Alsatian interiors and get to know the local culture better.

5. Tips for visiting the Strasbourg Christmas market

The Strasbourg Christmas market attracts more than 2 million visitors every year: 300 chalets and dozens of associations involved. The Strasbourg Christmas Market is not only one market but eleven!

When to visit the Strasbourg Christmas market? From the end of November, it is possible to visit the market. On the other hand, there are many people on weekends, especially the first weekend of the opening. After December 24, the crowd drops, and you can enjoy the Strasbourg Christmas market more quietly. However, after December 24, only the chalets on Place de la Cathédrale and Place du Marché-aux-Poissons are open. Find more information here: Tips for visiting the Strasbourg Christmas Market.

Visit the surroundings of Strasbourg

If you visit Strasbourg for a weekend, you can take the opportunity to discover other exciting places in Alsace.

Discover the city of Colmar: you can go from Strasbourg to Colmar by train (less than 40 minutes) or by car (in 1 hour). Find out more: Visit Colmar in one day.

Visit the castles of Alsace: Fleckenstein castle, Bernstein castle, or the famous Haut-Koenigsbourg castle.

Doing the Alsace Wine Route by car is an excellent idea for a road trip in Alsace! Find out more here: Visit the Alsace Wine Route.

Discover the city of Mulhouse: the most practical way to visit Mulhouse is to take a car. Count about 1h20 journey.

places to visit in strasbourg

Strasbourg is one of the prettiest cities in France! If you go to Alsace, visiting Strasbourg is one of the essential steps for discovering this region. We wish you an excellent stay in Alsace!

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