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what to do near the louvre paris france

What to do near the Louvre Paris | 12 best things to do

What to do near the Louvre Paris? The Louvre location is very central. So, there are many incredible places to see near the museum. Here are the 12 best things to do near the Louvre museum during your trip to Paris!

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1. The Tuileries Garden (Jardin des Tuileries)

The Tuileries Garden is located just opposite the Louvre museum. It is one of the best places to visit in Paris, offering breathtaking views of iconic landmarks like the Louvre Museum and Place de la Concorde.

The Tuileries Garden is a historic and picturesque public park. Its origins trace back to the 16th century. The garden’s layout combines formal French design with elements of Italian Renaissance style, featuring symmetrically arranged pathways, fountains, and meticulously manicured lawns. The park is adorned with statues, including works by renowned sculptors like Auguste Rodin.

How far from the Louvre? Just in front of the Louvre pyramid

Address on Google Maps: Tuileries Garden

tuileries garden near louvre museum
The Tuileries Garden

2. The Big Wheel of the Tuileries Garden (La Grande Roue)

The Big Wheel, also known as the Grande Roue, is a prominent feature in the Tuileries Garden in Paris (only a 3-minute walk from the Louvre). The views from the Grande Roue are incredible: it is one of the best things to do near the Louvre Museum!

It stands tall against the backdrop of the city skyline, offering visitors stunning panoramic views. The wheel’s construction is impressive, with sturdy metal spokes and brightly lit cabins that rotate gracefully. As one ascends to the top, the Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, and other landmarks come into view, creating a memorable sightseeing experience.

The Big Wheel operates year-round, providing daytime and nighttime rides for tourists and locals alike. Its presence adds a touch of whimsy and excitement to the tranquil atmosphere of the Tuileries Garden, making it a must-visit destination for those exploring Paris.

How far from the Louvre? A 2-minute walk from the Louvre pyramid.

Address on Google Maps: in the Tuileries Garden

grande roue near louvre museum
La Grande Roue in the Tuileries Garden

3. The Pont des Arts

This charming bridge offers a romantic ambiance and a stunning view of the Seine River! It is located only a 5-minute walk from the Louvre Museum.

The Pont des Arts is an ideal spot for a stroll or a quiet moment of reflection. The Pont des Arts offers a serene and picturesque setting that captures the essence of Parisian charm and is a must-visit destination for travelers seeking a memorable experience in the City of Light.

How far from the Louvre? A 10-minute walk from the Louvre Pyramid.

Address: Pont des Arts

4. The Palais-Royal

The Palais-Royal, located adjacent to the Louvre, was once a royal residence and has since evolved into a vibrant cultural hub.

Walking from the Louvre to the Palais-Royal allows you to experience the seamless transition between these two iconic landmarks and appreciate their architectural significance. Additionally, the Palais-Royal is home to various boutiques, cafes, and art galleries.

For all those reasons, visit of the Palais-Royal is one of the top things to do near the Louvre Museum. Do not miss it!

How far from the Louvre? A 6-minute walk from the Louvre Pyramid.

Address: 8 Rue de Montpensier, 75001 Paris, France

palais royal things to do near louvre paris
The Palais Royal

5. The Church of Saint-Germain l’Auxerrois

This Gothic masterpiece, located near the Louvre, boasts a rich history dating back to the medieval era. The entrance to the church is free.

The church’s stunning facade and intricate interior features, including beautiful stained glass windows and ornate sculptures, showcase the skill and artistry of the artisans of centuries past.

Visiting the Church of Saint-Germain l’Auxerrois offers a compelling glimpse into Parisian history, architecture, and religious heritage. It is one of the best places to visit near the Louvre Museum in Paris.

How far from the Louvre museum? A 5-minute walk from the Louvre Pyramid.

Address: 2 Pl. du Louvre, 75001 Paris, France

6. The Rue Saint-Honoré

This iconic street, located in the heart of Paris (only a 5-minute walk from the Louvre museum), is renowned for its elegant boutiques, high-end fashion houses, and designer stores. It is a paradise for fashion enthusiasts and trendsetters!

Beyond fashion, Rue Saint-Honoré is also home to chic cafes, gourmet restaurants, and trendy bars.

How far from the Louvre? It’s just a short walk away from the museum. The Rue Saint-HonorĂ© runs parallel to the Louvre’s main entrance, extending northwest from the Louvre’s courtyard.

7. Samaritaine Paris

This department store has stunning Art Nouveau and Art Deco architecture. Such a striking contrast to the classical beauty of the Louvre!

Samaritaine Paris offers an extensive selection of luxury goods, from fashion and accessories to beauty products and home furnishings.

How far from the Louvre? Just a 5-minute walk from the Louvre main entrance

Address: 9 R. de la Monnaie, 75001 Paris, France

Address: Rue Saint-Honoré, Paris

Samaritaine Paris
Samaritaine Paris

8. The Comédie-Française

Visiting the Comédie-Française in Paris offers a deep dive into French theatrical heritage. The Comédie-Française was established in 1680: it is one of the oldest and most renowned theaters globally, steeped in centuries of tradition and artistic excellence.

Attending a performance at the ComĂ©die-Française is witnessing world-class acting and storytelling. The theater’s repertoire includes works by Molière, Racine, and other iconic playwrights, providing a window into French literary history.

The ComĂ©die-Française’s neoclassical architecture, with its elegant façade and ornate interiors, adds to the allure of the experience.

As a national theater of France and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the ComĂ©die-Française holds a special place in the country’s cultural landscape.

How far from the Louvre? A 2-minute walk from the Louvre main entrance.

Address on Google Maps: 1 Place Colette, 75001 Paris, France

Website: comedie-francaise.fr

9. The Orangery Museum (MusĂ©e de l’Orangerie)

Visiting the Orangerie Museum near the Louvre is an enticing experience due to its exceptional collection of Impressionist and Post-Impressionist masterpieces, particularly the renowned “Water Lilies” series by Claude Monet.

If you are looking for a nice, interesting place to visit near the Louvre, the Orangery Museum is one of the best!

Where? The Orangerie Museum is located in the Tuileries Garden, on the western edge of the garden, near the Place de la Concorde and the Seine River.

Tickets: book your ticket in advance

Address: MusĂ©e de l’Orangerie, Jardin des Tuileries, Place de la Concorde, 75001 Paris, France.

orangerie museum paris tuileries
The Orangery Museum

10. The Square du Vert-Galant

Going to this park is one of the best things to do near the Louvre! And you will understand why!

With its scenic views of the river, the square provides an ideal setting for relaxing walks and romantic picnics.

Named after King Henry IV, known for his romantic escapades, the park carries historical significance and is located near the site of his assassination.

How far from the Louvre? A 10-minute walk from the Louvre main entrance.

Location: 15 Pl. du Pont Neuf, 75001 Paris, France

11. The Musée des Arts décoratifs

Here, you can find various decorative objects, including furniture, ceramics, glassware, textiles, and fashion items. The museum’s exhibits showcase exquisite craftsmanship and innovative design from various periods and cultures. It is an excellent and quiet place to visit near the Louvre museum.

Beyond its permanent collections, the museum hosts temporary exhibitions highlighting contemporary designers and exploring cutting-edge design concepts.

How far from the Louvre? A 2-minute walk from the Louvre main entrance.

Location: in the Tuileries Garden

12. The Passerelle LĂ©opold-SĂ©dar-Senghor

The Passerelle Léopold-Sédar-Senghor, also known as the Passerelle Solférino, will give you a unique perspective of Paris and its iconic landmarks.

This pedestrian bridge connects the MusĂ©e d’Orsay on the Left Bank with the Tuileries Garden and the Louvre on the Right Bank.

Walking across the Passerelle LĂ©opold-SĂ©dar-Senghor provides breathtaking views of the Seine, allowing visitors to admire the river’s beauty and the historical buildings that line its banks.

It is a lovely place to see near the Louvre Museum!

Location: LĂ©opold Sedar Senghor, 75001 Paris, France

Passerelle LĂ©opold-SĂ©dar-Senghor
The Passerelle LĂ©opold-SĂ©dar-Senghor

So, there are plenty of very interesting things that you can do near the Louvre museum in Paris. Enjoy your trip!

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