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Visit Bayonne: TOP 10 things to do + where to stay

How to visit Bayonne in 1 or 2 days? Where to go for a walk, where to eat, and where to stay in Bayonne? Which district to visit in Bayonne and the essentials to discover? The capital of the Basque country, Bayonne, is a charming city you can visit in summer and winter, during the Bayonne Festival or outside. It is a city of art and history with a rich historical past. A lovely destination to discover in France and the South West!

  1. TOP 10 things to do in Bayonne ?
  2. Walking itinerary ?
  3. Hotels and apartments to stay in Bayonne ?
  4. Restaurants in Bayonne ?
  5. Go to Bayonne during the Bayonne Festival ?
  6. What to see around Bayonne ?
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1. What to do to visit Bayonne?

Bayonne is an unmissable city in the South West! And it is also 2000 years of history. So, how to visit Bayonne and make the most of your stay?

TOP 10 places to visit and things to do in Bayonne:

  1. Stroll through Old Bayonne: districts of Petit Bayonne and Grand Bayonne (see below)
  2. Visit the Cathedral of Sainte-Marie in Bayonne
  3. Take a trip to the traditional market of Bayonne
  4. Walk along the Adour
  5. Taste Basque specialties (see places below)
  6. Relax in the Botanical Garden of Bayonne
  7. Discover Basque culture during a visit to the Basque Museum
  8. Admire Bayonne from the city ramparts
  9. Go to Dunes beach or Cavaliers beach (only 8km from Bayonne)
  10. Attend a rugby match at the Jean Dauger stadium
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2. Walking itinerary

You can take a walking tour in 3 steps:

  • First of all, head to Petite Bayonne! A lively district that characterizes Bayonne well: alleys, old buildings, and small shops. It is the perfect place to walk in Bayonne and start exploring the city!
  • Then, head for the quays of the Nive, particularly the most beautiful quay in Bayonne: the Jaureguiberry quay! You will discover a pretty view of the city and its narrow buildings from the quays.
  • And to finish: Grand Bayonne!

When visiting Bayonne on foot, do not miss the picturesque streets of the historic center of Bayonne: rue Passemillon and rue Gosse.

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3. Hotels and apartments to stay in Bayonne

Here are some hotels and apartments where to stay to visit Bayonne alone, as a couple, with family, or with friends.

Located in an old building in the heart of the historic center of Bayonne. The Hotel Le Port Neuf offers rooms with good value for money (less than 70 euros for a double room for 2 people). Few rooms. A charming little hotel to stay in Bayonne.

For a family visit to Bayonne, you can opt for a family room with a view of the city at the Hôtel des Basses Pyrénées!

24m2 studio in Bayonne with a kitchenette: perfect for discovering Bayonne on your own or as a couple! The studios are located in a quiet street in the city center: convenient for visiting Bayonne. Some studios also have balconies!

4. Restaurants where to eat in Bayonne

Discover some places to eat a delicious lunch or dinner in Bayonne, in the heart of the city center.

Le Camembar (16 Rue Guilhamin): an excellent place for lovers of quality Basque charcuterie and cheeses!

La Table – Sébastien Gravé (21 Quai Amiral Dubourdieu): experience a delicious meal of Basque cuisine!

Le Bistrot Itsaski (43 Quai Amiral Jaureguiberry): an excellent place to taste Basque meal in Bayonne. Local products, Basque cuisine, and a terrace as a bonus!

5. Visiting Bayonne during the Bayonne Festival

The Bayonne Festival takes place every year, with a few exceptions. They take place over several days, starting on the last Wednesday before the first weekend of August and ending the following Sunday. The atmosphere is fantastic!

Good to know! If you want to visit Bayonne during this period, pay attention to accommodation prices: they skyrocket. Do not hesitate to book in advance for more choices and lower fares.

Find more information and the detailed calendar of the event on the Bayonne Festival website.

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6. What to visit around Bayonne and in the Basque country?

Atlantic waves, hello! If you want to visit the Basque country, just next to Bayonne, you can visit Biarritz. It is a charming seaside resort, one of the best known on the Atlantic coast. Read more on our city guide here: Visit Biarritz.

Visit the Basque villages? Yes, of course! Among the villages to visit, you have Mouguère, Louhossoa, Cambo-les-Bains, Urdax, or even Osses and Saint Martin d’Arrossa. And many more.

Visiting Bayonne is one of the best things to do in the South West of France. During a stay of a few days or more, you will appreciate the capital of the Basque country, its alleys, its architecture, and its atmosphere. So, nice discovery, and good stay to all!

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