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Best things to do in Saint Malo

TOP things to do and see Saint-Malo in 2 or 3 Days

How can you visit Saint-Malo and its surroundings in 2 or 3 days? Here, I have gathered everything you need to know to make the most of a weekend in Saint-Malo. A successful visit to Saint-Malo includes a stay in the walled old town, tasty places to eat, a stroll on the beach and the ramparts of Saint-Malo, or a boat tour. Lots of great things to see and do await you in Saint-Malo: let’s go!

TOP 7 things to do and see in Saint-Malo in 2 or 3 days

The most interesting in Saint-Malo is:

  • The walled old town;
  • The Duguay Trouin Basin, where you can see very pretty large ships;
  • The beach and the Sillon Causeway that runs along the shore.

Where to park? Parking in the old town of Saint-Malo during the tourist high season (May-September) is impossible unless your hotel offers parking (see below). The entrance to the old city is through the Grand’Porte. There are several paid parking lots right next to it. Otherwise, if you want to visit Saint-Malo in 3 days but do not want to stay in Saint-Malo, the free solution is moving away from the city center. For example, park near the Avenue Pasteur, then go up the beach to visit Saint-Malo intra muros.

1. Walk on the ramparts and through the alleys of Saint-Malo

If there were only one activity to do in Saint-Malo, this would be it! The view from the ramparts is magnificent. You need at least a good hour to walk around the ramparts.

Advice. Remember to bring a small scarf, as Saint-Malo often has quite a bit of wind.

2. Walk on Saint-Malo beach at low tide

If you visit Saint-Malo for 3 days, you will certainly want to walk on the beach. Here, you will see the famous Saint Malo stakes up close. These are breakwaters that protect the city from the assaults of the tides. With good weather, the visit to Saint-Malo will be even more striking, and the photos from the beach will be memorable!

Advice. Check the tide schedules in advance to avoid being caught off guard!

3. Visit Saint-Vincent Cathedral in Saint-Malo

A lovely cathedral in the heart of Saint-Malo’s old town! Just heading towards the cathedral allows you to discover the city and its alleys, much calmer than the main streets.

4. Discover the history of Saint-Malo and its pirates

  • La Demeure du Corsaire is also located in Saint Malo’s. A great place to visit when you stay in Saint-Malo for 3 days or on a weekend and want to dive deeper into the city’s ambiance. During the visit of this 18th-century residence, you learn a lot about the history of Saint-Malo.
  • L’Étoile du Roy. It is a ship museum where you can discover the life of pirates! If you visit Saint-Malo with family, the kids will love it (and the grown-ups, too).

5. Take a boat tour of Saint-Malo

If you want to take a boat tour of Saint-Malo, it is possible! I found two companies that offer it: Albatros and Hermine Cruises. Click on the links to go to their sites.

6. Visit the surroundings of Saint-Malo: discover Dinard

During a weekend in Saint-Malo, you can also take the opportunity to visit Dinard, which is on the other side of Prieuré Bay. Admire the Villa Les Roches Brunes view, or walk on the Chemin de Rond du Moulinet, which runs along the coast.

7. Visit the surroundings of Saint-Malo: go up to Mont Dol

If the visit to Saint Malo’s walled old town is not enough, and you pass by car nearby, you must go there! What to do at Mont Dol? It is a surprising place, 40 minutes by car from Saint-Malo, a small peak in the middle of a plain. Discover the Mill of Mont, its small chapel with a magnificent view! You can see Mont Saint Michel in the distance if the weather is fine.

Bonus: go to Mont-Saint-Michel!

If you have a full 3 days to visit Saint-Malo and its surroundings, consider a trip to Mont-Saint-Michel. Saint-Malo is 1 hour away by car from Mont-Saint-Michel! I find it quite doable. So, why not? I provide more details here: Visit Mont-Saint-Michel.

Where to stay for a weekend in Saint-Malo?

The rates for accommodations within the walls of Saint-Malo are much higher than those you can find outside.

Staying within the walls of Saint-Malo. Generally, a double room within the walls of Saint-Malo costs at least 100 euros per night. Along with friends, we stayed in a room for three at the Hotel De France et Chateaubriand. A quiet hotel, very well located, with a bit of charm. It was in December, and the rates were affordable. It’s more expensive in the summer.

Les Thermes Marins de St Malo. If you visit Saint-Malo for 3 days, you can also choose to stay at the Grand Hôtel Des Thermes. During the weekend, it is also possible to experience marine hydrotherapy treatments. Why not?

Discover other places in our article: Where to stay in Saint-Malo.

Visiting Saint-Malo in 2 or 3 days: where to eat?

Galettes! Eating galettes is almost mandatory if you go for a weekend in Saint-Malo. But where can you find good places? We ate at the Crêperie Le Corps de Garde on the ramparts. You can also enjoy a nice view if it’s not very crowded.

Organic! For a light, vegetarian, and organic lunch, go to Annadata. Good, fresh, and perfect for a top day of visiting Saint-Malo!

French cuisine. To taste the traditional French cuisine, head to the restaurant Millesim’.

Book in advance if you find a restaurant you like, especially during peak season or on weekends. You can stop by during the day and make a reservation for the evening. 

Saint-Malo and its surroundings are charming destinations to visit in Brittany. You can come here for a weekend or a more extended stay.

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