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Visiting the Paris Pantheon: how to visit, tickets & tips

The Pantheon stands in the Latin Quarter in Paris. It is such an impressive building and a fantastic place to visit during your trip to Paris. Here you can find all our tips for visiting the Pantheon in Paris without missing anything.

  1. TOP 3 reasons to visit the Paris Pantheon ?
  2. Tips for visiting the Paris Pantheon ?
  3. What to see around ?
  4. How to get there? ?

1. Why visit the Paris Pantheon?

Here are our TOP 3 reasons why you must visit the Pantheon in Paris.

Architecture. The building was built between 1758 and 1790. It was designed to rival Saint Peter’s Basilica in Rome and Saint Paul’s Cathedral in London. The dome of the Paris Pantheon is 83 meters high. The facades and the sculpted bas-reliefs are beautiful.

French history. The Paris Pantheon is also a mausoleum for the remains of distinguished French citizens. The inscription of the Pantheon says: “To the great men, from a grateful nation”. Some of the most famous persons are buried in its necropolis: Voltaire (an influential philosopher of the Age of Enlightenment), Victor Hugo (the author of Notre Dame de Paris and Les MisĂ©rables), Marie Curie (physicist and pioneer researcher on radioactivity, and the first woman interred on merit), Alexandre Dumas (the author of The Three Musketeers).

Less touristy. The Paris Pantheon is one of the TOP visited places in Paris. However, it is much less touristy than the Eiffel Tower or The Louvre Museum.

inside pantheon france

2. Tips and tickets for visiting the Paris Pantheon

Tickets. You can buy tickets for visiting the Paris Pantheon here: book tickets. Once inside, you can take tickets to the top of the Pantheon. It is free for less than 18-year-olds and less than 26-year-olds EU citizens.

Paris Museum Card. The tickets for visiting the Paris Pantheon are often included in the museum cards and passes, as well as the Orsay Museum. So, if you plan to visit the Pantheon, check this Paris Museum Pass for 2, 4, or 6 days.

Best time to visit the Paris Pantheon. The visit to the Pantheon is usually tranquil as it is not a very touristy place. However, you can choose your visit time, come here in the morning. It is the best time to visit the Paris Pantheon.

3. What to see around? Things to not miss!

Places to see. There are many beautiful places to visit near the Paris Pantheon. For example, the Luxembourg Garden (only 6 minutes on foot from the Paris Pantheon) or the Latin Quarter (only 15 minutes on foot from the Paris Pantheon).

Itinerary idea. It is a good idea to walk from the Luxembourg Garden to the Paris Pantheon, then visit the Latin Quarter or even go to the Notre Dame Cathedral. It could take you about 4 hours to see all those places. It could be a delightful itinerary while visiting the Paris Pantheon!

itinerary Paris view

4. How to get to the Pantheon in Paris?

Where is the Pantheon located in Paris? The Pantheon is located at: Pl. du Panthéon, 75005 Paris (see location on Google Maps). You can see the Eiffel Tower from the street in front of the Paris Pantheon.

Nearest metro & RER stations: Cardinal Lemoine (Ligne 10), Place Monge (ligne 7), and Luxembourg (RER B)

Official website of the Pantheon: https://www.paris-pantheon.fr/en/

Book tickets here: the Pantheon tickets

pantheon in Paris france

Visiting the Paris Pantheon means visiting one of the most beautiful monuments in the French capital. Plan about 45 minutes to visit the Pantheon’s inside.

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