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notre dame cathedral in paris france

Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris | How to visit: all you need to know

Currently, it is not possible to visit Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris. Only the crypt is open to visitors. Access to the cathedral’s interior has been closed since the fire of April 15, 2019. It will be possible to visit Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris again after the end of the restoration work scheduled for 2024.

  1. What to see ?
  2. How long does it take to visit ?
  3. How to get there ?

Good to know! Just a 6-minute walk from Notre-Dame Cathedral is the Sainte-Chapelle. It is another important monument in Paris to visit. To make sure you see everything, read our post: Tips for visiting the Sainte-Chapelle.

visit notre dame paris france

1. What to visit inside Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral?

What to see and avoid missing anything? We can divide the visit to Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris into 3 parts:

  • The interior of the cathedral (+ visit the Treasury of the cathedral);
  • The towers of the cathedral;
  • The Archaeological Crypt.

1.1 Visiting the interior of the cathedral (closed)

Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral is a true masterpiece of Gothic architecture! Admission is free. A visit to the cathedral will leave you with wonderful memories of Paris. Unfortunately, due to the fire of 2019, you cannot visit the cathedral’s interior. You have to wait for the end of the work, which is expected in 2024.

Optional. Once inside the cathedral, you can take the opportunity to visit the Treasury of Notre-Dame. It contains nearly 2500 pieces, including relics such as the crown of thorns and the tunic of Saint-Louis. Admission to visit the Treasury of Notre-Dame is not free; you have to buy a ticket.

inside cathedral notre dame paris

1.2 Going on the top of the towers of Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris (closed)

When the reparation is finished, you will enjoy a lovely panoramic view of Paris from the cathedral’s towers! There is an admission fee to access the cathedral’s towers. It is an exciting activity to enjoy your trip to Paris. On the other hand, note that you will have to climb more than 400 steps to enjoy the view.

view panorama cathedral paris

1.3 Visiting the Crypt of the Parvis Notre-Dame (open)

The Crypt of the Parvis Notre-Dame is open. This crypt is an exciting visit to discover the archaeological remains found during excavations between 1965 and 1972 (see the official site of the crypt). It is a must-visit for history enthusiasts. You will travel in time: from Antiquity to the 20th century. There is an admission fee to the crypt.

Sainte-Chapelle. Do not miss the Sainte-Chapelle during your visit to Paris: see the photos and the tickets to visit the Sainte-Chapelle. This monument is a must-see to visit in Paris during your trip.

2. How long does it take to visit Notre-Dame de Paris?

Currently, one can only visit the Archaeological Crypt of Notre-Dame Cathedral.

Interior of the cathedral. The visit to the cathedral’s interior can be quick: around 30 minutes (if there is no waiting).

Climb the towers of the cathedral. If you visit the towers of Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral, plan at least 1h30.

Crypt. Allow 45 minutes, or even 1 hour, to visit the Archaeological Crypt of the Notre-Dame parvis.

3. How to get to Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris?

Notre-Dame Cathedral is located on the Ile de la Cité, in the heart of downtown Paris. When you visit the Notre-Dame Cathedral, you can enjoy the beautiful surroundings. The walks on the Ile de la Cité are delightful.

Not to miss. The ends of the Ile de la Cité are fascinating to see. To the east, you can discover the Memorial to the Martyrs of the Deportation (see on Google Maps). To the west of the island, cross the Square du Vert Galant, and discover the magnificent viewpoint known as Saule Pleureur de la Pointe (see on Google Maps).

architecture notre dame cathedral in paris france

To visit Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris is to discover one of the most beautiful monuments in Paris. Come and discover the cathedral and the Ile de la Cité (Cité Island) from the Hôtel de Ville or the Latin Quarter of Paris.

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