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chambord castle from Paris

Chambord: tips for visiting the castle from Paris

Chambord is one of France’s most beautiful Loire Valley castles to visit! Here are our tips for visiting the Chambord from Paris: what to see, where to eat, how long it takes to visit the Chambord, and where to stay. In this blog post, we will answer all these questions:

  1. Guided tours from Paris ✨
  2. Chambord: tickets, timetables, parking 🎟
  3. What fun things to do there? 🤩
  4. How long does it take to visit? 🕘
  5. Where to stay near Chambord? 🛌
  6. Nice places where to eat 🍽
  7. Visiting the Loire Valley Castles 🏰
visiting loire valley castle chambord

1. Guided tour for visiting Chambord from Paris

One of the easiest ways to visit Chambord from Paris is to book a guided tour. Find just right below some examples of those tours and what they include.

chambord royal

2. Chambord: prices, tickets, timetables, parking

Car parking. There are 3 car parks: P0, P1, and P2. Car parking for the day costs 6 euros, but only 4 euros at P2. You can pay for parking at the automatic machines to save time at the exit. The P2 is further away (+150m) but is less busy.

Schedule. You can visit the Château de Chambord every day of the year (from 9 a.m.) except on January 1, November 30, and December 25.

Park. The park of the Chambord Castle is freely accessible. When we talk about visiting the Chambord, we are talking more about the interior of the castle and its gardens.

Chambord castle + gardens. The entrance fee to the Château de Chambord is 14.5 euros. Save time (especially in summer) with skip-the-line tickets. Pick up your entry tickets at the counters directly with a printed coupon, or show them on your phone. The interior of the Chambord Castle is less charming than, for example, Chenonceau. On the other hand, the Château de Chambord impresses with its size, and the views from the high floors of the castle are impressive!

Reduced price and free. The reduced rate for Chambord is 12 euros. For those under 25 years old on presentation of proof. Learn more here.

All information for visiting the Chambord is also on the official website of the Chambord Castle.

visiting chambird castle loire from paris

3. Fun things to do in Chambord

In addition to simply visiting the Chambord Castle inside, you can also take advantage of it for more with other activities.

  • Discovering Chambord by bike
  • Boat tour
  • Electric car tour
  • Picnic: picnics on the lawn in front of the Chambord Castle are allowed!
  • In addition, the Chambord offers a day pass that includes these activities: bicycle, boat, and electric car.

4. How long does it take to visit Chambord Castle?

The visit to the Château de Chambord will take you at least 3 hours. The estate is large, and the castle is too.

Moreover, the closest car park to the Château de Chambord is 600m from the castle. In short, you will walk a lot! 🙂

How long to visit Chambord Castle? With the walking time and the visits, it will take at least 3 hours. Plan more if you want to have lunch or add activities.

guided tour from paris

5. Where to stay when visiting Chambord?

Blois is a great city to stay to visit Chambord Castle. Indeed, Blois is located 25 minutes by car from the castle. It is a pleasant little town that immerses us in a medieval atmosphere. An ideal place to stay near the Château de Chambord and dine.

In Blois, close and therefore convenient for visiting the Château de Chambord:

  • The Forge of the Roy. Great location. Rooms with a “royal” decor, like in a castle. Correct rates: less than 100 euros for a double room with breakfast.
  • The “Ibis” classical hotel chain in Blois. One is in the center and rather well located, Ibis Blois Center Château, and the second, Ibis budget, is further away.

In the surroundings / bed and breakfast:

visiting blois city france

6. Where to eat when visiting Chambord Castle?

During the Château de Chambord visit, you can plan a picnic on the castle’s lawn. In the evening you can go to Blois. These are the best options.

On the territory of Chambord Castle, there are several restaurants. There is also a café at the foot of the castle, Autour du Puits, open from April to October.

7. Visiting the Loire Valley Castles in 2 or 3 days

We wrote a dedicated blog post that presents an itinerary you can do to visit the Loire Valley Castles, including the visit of Chambord:

We wish you a pleasant visit to Chambord Castle and other Loire Valley castles!

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