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Best Hotels in Dunkirk, France

Best hotels to stay in Dunkirk

Where to stay in Dunkirk during a weekend as a couple, with family or friends? You can stay in the city center of Dunkirk, or near the beach. Here are the best hotels to stay at in Dunkirk.

Dunkirk is famous for the eponymous movie, one of the best war movies ever created. The film tells the story of Operation Dynamo, the evacuation of Allied Soldiers in 1940. You can learn more about Operation Dynamo here.

Dunkrik Accomodations

Best hotels for a romantic stay in Dunkirk

Discover our selection of the best hotels in Dunkirk to stay at as a couple.

Merveilleux Côté Mer: a pretty hotel facing the sea and a stone’s throw from the beach! It is a good place for a romantic weekend in Dunkirk. Some rooms have a direct sea view.

Aux Waterzooi: less than 5 minutes on foot from the port museum, this hotel offers a pleasant setting for a romantic stay in Dunkirk.

Where to stay in Dunkirk Beach, France

Best accommodations to stay in Dunkirk with family

Discover our selection of the best accommodations to stay in Dunkirk with your family.

Jolly Roger: 150 meters from the sea, offers a two-bedroom suite. A good place for a family stay in Dunkirk.

Les Jardins: this aparthotel is a good solution for staying in Dunkirk if you wish to have a kitchenette. The family studio is quite spacious and is almost 50m2.

Where to stay in Dunkirk on a budget

This studio is perfect for a stay alone or as a couple. It is located between the center and the beach.

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